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Table of all enabled modules and themes on this site.

87 projects enabled.

Internal name(asc)TypeNameVersionInformation
entityconnectmoduleEntity Connect7.x-2.0-rc1Allows for referenced entity to be created and edited from the entity reference field
entityreferencemoduleEntity Reference7.x-1.5Provides a field that can reference other entities.
entity_tokenmoduleEntity tokens7.x-1.9Provides token replacements for all properties that have no tokens and are known to the entity API.
eu_cookie_compliancemoduleEU Cookie Compliance7.x-1.25This module aims at making the web site compliant with the EU cookie regulation.
extlinkmoduleExternal Links7.x-1.20Determine behavior and appearance for external links. Options include: Make external links open in a new window, add icons next to external links and email addresses, display pop-up warnings when users click external links.
featuresmoduleFeatures7.x-2.10Provides feature management for Drupal.
fieldmoduleField7.60Field API to add fields to entities like nodes and users.
field_sql_storagemoduleField SQL storage7.60Stores field data in an SQL database.
field_uimoduleField UI7.60User interface for the Field API.
filemoduleFile7.60Defines a file field type.
filtermoduleFilter7.60Filters content in preparation for display.
helpmoduleHelp7.60Manages the display of online help.
honeypotmoduleHoneypot7.x-1.25Mitigates spam form submissions using the honeypot method.
i18nmoduleInternationalization7.x-1.25Extends Drupal support for multilingual features.
i18n_contactmoduleContact translation7.x-1.25Makes contact categories and replies available for translation.
i18n_fieldmoduleField translation7.x-1.25Translate field properties
i18n_menumoduleMenu translation7.x-1.25Supports translatable custom menu items.
i18n_nodemoduleMultilingual content7.x-1.25Extended node options for multilingual content
i18n_selectmoduleMultilingual select7.x-1.25API module for multilingual content selection
i18n_stringmoduleString translation7.x-1.25Provides support for translation of user defined strings.