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Table of all enabled modules and themes on this site.

87 projects enabled.

Internal nameType(desc)NameVersionInformation
spamspanmoduleSpamSpan7.x-1.3The SpamSpan module obfuscates email addresses to help prevent spambots from collecting them. It implements the technique at http://www.spamspan.com.
tagcloudsmoduleTagClouds7.x-1.11TagClouds makes weighted tag clouds from your taxonomy terms.
colorboxmoduleColorbox7.x-2.13A light-weight, customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery 1.4.3+.
librariesmoduleLibraries7.x-2.3Allows version-dependent and shared usage of external libraries.
honeypotmoduleHoneypot7.x-1.25Mitigates spam form submissions using the honeypot method.
eu_cookie_compliancemoduleEU Cookie Compliance7.x-1.25This module aims at making the web site compliant with the EU cookie regulation.
transliterationmoduleTransliteration7.x-3.2Converts non-latin text to US-ASCII and sanitizes file names.
extlinkmoduleExternal Links7.x-1.20Determine behavior and appearance for external links. Options include: Make external links open in a new window, add icons next to external links and email addresses, display pop-up warnings when users click external links.
life_utilmoduleLiFe Utilities7.x-1.0-devUsefull and sample utilities
acdx_entityreferencemoduleAutocomplete Deluxe Entity References Widget7.60Autocomplete Deluxe widget implementation for entity references.
autocomplete_deluxemoduleAutocomplete Deluxe7.x-2.3Enhanced autocomplete using Jquery UI autocomplete.
jquery_updatemodulejQuery Update7.x-2.7Update jQuery and jQuery UI to a more recent version.
printmodulePrinter-friendly pages7.x-2.1Generates a printer-friendly version of Drupal pages.
print_pdfmodulePDF version7.x-2.1Adds the capability to export pages as PDF. Requires a PDF library and the respective handler module.
print_pdf_dompdfmoduledompdf library handler7.x-2.1PDF generation library using dompdf.
print_pdf_mpdfmodulemPDF library handler7.x-2.1PDF generation library using mPDF.
print_uimodulePrinter-friendly pages UI7.x-2.1Manages the printer-friendly versions link display conditions. Without this module, those links are not displayed.
emailmoduleEmail7.x-1.3Defines an email field type.
life_person_content_typemoduleLiFe Person content type7.x-1.0Content type
responsive_faviconsmoduleResponsive Favicons7.x-1.2Add responsive favicons to your site based on the code from http://realfavicongenerator.net/