Enabled modules and themes

Table of all enabled modules and themes on this site.

87 projects enabled.

Internal name(asc)TypeNameVersionInformation
updatemoduleUpdate manager7.60Checks for available updates, and can securely install or update modules and themes via a web interface.
usermoduleUser7.60Manages the user registration and login system.
variablemoduleVariable7.x-2.5Variable Information and basic variable API
variable_realmmoduleVariable realm7.x-2.5API to use variable realms from different modules
variable_storemoduleVariable store7.x-2.5Database storage for variable realms. This is an API module.
viewsmoduleViews7.x-3.20Create customized lists and queries from your database.
views_bulk_operationsmoduleViews Bulk Operations7.x-3.5Provides a way of selecting multiple rows and applying operations to them.