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87 projects enabled.

Internal nameType(asc)NameVersionInformation
field_sql_storagemoduleField SQL storage7.60Stores field data in an SQL database.
field_uimoduleField UI7.60User interface for the Field API.
filemoduleFile7.60Defines a file field type.
filtermoduleFilter7.60Filters content in preparation for display.
helpmoduleHelp7.60Manages the display of online help.
i18nmoduleInternationalization7.x-1.25Extends Drupal support for multilingual features.
i18n_contactmoduleContact translation7.x-1.25Makes contact categories and replies available for translation.
i18n_fieldmoduleField translation7.x-1.25Translate field properties
i18n_menumoduleMenu translation7.x-1.25Supports translatable custom menu items.
i18n_nodemoduleMultilingual content7.x-1.25Extended node options for multilingual content
i18n_selectmoduleMultilingual select7.x-1.25API module for multilingual content selection
i18n_stringmoduleString translation7.x-1.25Provides support for translation of user defined strings.
i18n_taxonomymoduleTaxonomy translation7.x-1.25Enables multilingual taxonomy.
i18n_translationmoduleTranslation sets7.x-1.25Simple translation sets API for generic objects
i18n_variablemoduleVariable translation7.x-1.25Multilingual variables that switch language depending on page language.
imagemoduleImage7.60Provides image manipulation tools.
languageiconsmoduleLanguage Icons7.x-1.1Adds icons to language links.
listmoduleList7.60Defines list field types. Use with Options to create selection lists.
localemoduleLocale7.60Adds language handling functionality and enables the translation of the user interface to languages other than English.
menumoduleMenu7.60Allows administrators to customize the site navigation menu.